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We have created several workshops suitable for ages 8+. Sessions are fun, practical and interactive and design led.

Participants are encouraged to build on their strengths and focus on what they can achieve with embedded entrepreneurial and creative elements.

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People go hand in hand with place. Our Pop-Ups are focused on creating sessions where you normally wouldn't find them as well as in places accessible to the public like schools, crypts, churches, community halls, libraries and public parks.

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Branding is far more than a visual identity; it’s a feeling. During the workshop, members will learn the importance of branding and
how major brands have successfully stayed relevant over the years.

Each member will also have the opportunity to
create their very own brand leaving them with a final product to sell on our website at the end of the course.

Subjects we cover include

• Understanding branding elements
• Brand awareness
• Creating a brand
• Logo design

In partnership with Not | Aligned
‘not aligned’ is an online platform where young people
can choose to promote and sell their products and brands.

Stack of Newspapers

Using design, photography, journalism & print, members will have the chance to capture and create their very own content in the form of a high-gloss magazine.

Each member will be given roles to execute as part of the workshop, this highly challenging brief, lasting for 6 to 12 weeks.


If any deadlines are missed, this could prevent the magazine from being printed, this gives young people a step into the world of project management in design.

Subjects we cover include
• Understanding editorial design

• Project Planning

• Photography
• Journalism
• Print


This space is where people build their ideas with the guidance of entrepreneurs and designers who work within the specialised
field, telling their stories and habits.


The program is designed to build ideas in a dragons den setting.

You will learn all aspects of business, from writing a business plan to
pitching your idea.

Subjects we cover include


• How to create a business plan

• How to sell a product

• How to pitch an idea

• Dragons den – an opportunity to pitch in
front of an audience as a group

Using four of the most powerful social media platforms; Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook, members will create a
hard-hitting campaign dealing with social issues identified by themselves or teachers/group leaders.

Great opportunity to identify on going issues amongst young people, using their views and skills to create a powerful youth lead campaign. Lead by a qualified youth worker.

Subjects we cover include
• Social & Global issues (to be identified)
• Research & brainstorming
• Understanding & apply for sponsorship
• Design and create advertising materials

Image by Joshua Oluwagbemiga

Participants will plan and hold an event that engages peers, the local community and encourages social change.

Great opportunity to identify on going issues amongst young people, using other arts or fates to create awareness to raise money for change.

Subjects we cover include
• Research & brainstorming
• Event planning
• Design and create advertising materials

Music Equipment
Climate Change Banners

The group will create a track around a social issue, design the cd cover, shoot and edit a music video.

Each member will be allocated a role to make sure the brief is met. From producing the track, to filming and editing the music video.


Great taster to how the
design industry plays a part in the music world.

Subjects we cover include

• Social issues (to be identified)
• Research & brainstorming
• producing on logic
• Photography, Filming and editing
• Graphic Design

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