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Positive With Rules Podcast
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01. Ideation

Developing a concept for your podcast and choosing a niche. The basics of podcasting, including equipment, software, and hosting platforms.

02. Technical

Creating engaging content and structuring your episodes. Recording and editing your podcast

03. Marketing

Promoting your podcast and growing your audience. Brand and merch related possibilities.

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Production Team

Martin Primary

Welcome to the LABtwnty4 PWR podcast. The LAB recently teamed up with students from Martin Primary to deliver an exciting and informative podcasting experience! During the workshop, students learned about the basics of podcasting, including ideation, equipment, software, and hosting platforms, and had the opportunity to develop their podcast concepts and structure their episodes.

Led by industry experts from Twntyfour Studio, the workshop provided a hands-on approach to learning, with students participating in recording and editing exercises and receiving personalized feedback from Martin Primary staff and other attendees.

The workshop also focused on promoting podcasts and growing their audience, teaching students valuable skills for future podcasting success. The students at Martin Primary showed tremendous enthusiasm and creativity, producing some impressive podcasts shared with their peers and teachers.

Overall, the LAB Podcast Workshop with Martin Primary was a resounding success, providing students with a fun and engaging experience while teaching them valuable skills in podcasting.

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Positivity will rule

We at Martin Primary School aim to boost children's mental health. We have come together to bring awareness around the factors and issues that affect children's mental health. In the last three years, the likelihood of young people having mental health problems has increased by 50%. We want to tackle this, support children, and bring the figures down! In 2023 5 out of 30 children in a class suffered from bad MH.


We discussed some of the challenges faced by children today. Transitioning to secondary school, social media, life experiences and more. Don't just sit around; listen to our podcast and take action. 

Your happiness is our happiness.


 PWR: Positivity Will Rule.

Our mission:
Empowering young minds, one day at a time.